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Buying a Spanish property made easy conveyancing in English


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Legal services:

We partner with trusted English legal professionals here in the Mar Menor area of Spain, Solicitors we know and have used personally for the last 15 years. Please find below more information about them and what they do to make your purchase a much more simple process - Please complete the contact form to find out more information.

A professional company with an office based in Los Alcazares formed by professional Solicitors and Accountants with years of experience in dealing with UK and English speaking clients including ourselves. 

Buying and owning your new home can become a stressful process mainly because of language problems if you are not a fluent Spanish speaker. They aim to deliver your dream as smoothly as possible and carry out all your legal conveyancing work in English so you can enjoy your new life in the sun much quicker and far easier.


Spanish property conveyancing services:
They provide legal advisory services in the area of purchasing and sales, supporting you through the process and ensuring security and efficiency and all this in English. Our Solicitors adapt according to the needs of clients, buyers or sellers, offering the best option to meet individual requirements.


For the buyer: 

By granting your solicitor power of attorney, it is possible for them to conduct business on your behalf. In doing so, acting in your name, they can sign deeds, open Spanish bank accounts, pay or set up direct debits for tax payments and property supplies like electricity and water etc. Your lawyers are responsible for the whole process from application right through to the contract signing with the Notary.

- Application for a Foreigners Identification Number (NIE), which is required to perform many procedures in Spain including buying a property.

- Initial review of the legal situation of the property, including civil, registry, cadastral and urban, checking to ensure that there are no issues such as outstanding payments, construction problems etc. that could impede   carrying out the purchase of the property.

- In relation to contracts, drafting of sales contracts in relation to second-hand properties and ensuring all legal requirements are met, and in the case of new builds, ensuring that there are no abusive clauses in the contract.

- Preparation of the corresponding documentation for signing of the public deed before a notary and accompanying the client or going on their behalf through power of attorney.

- Registration of the deed of ownership in the corresponding register.

- Fiscal and tax advice related to the purchase.


For the seller: 

- Request and preparation of the necessary documents for signing, such as Certificate of Energy Efficiency and documents related to supplies and taxes.

- Accompanying you or appearing on your behalf through power of attorney at the signing of the public deed before the notary.

- Fiscal and tax advice related to the operation.


If you would like more information on conveyancing services in English with an British solicitor here in Spain, please complete the form below:

Buying a Spanish property made easy conveyancing in English

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